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Wondering if FOODSAFE is required for your job? Read the regulation


FOODSAFE Level 1 is for food service establishment operators and front line food service workers such as cooks, servers, bussers, dishwashers, and deli workers. Topics include foodborne illness, receiving and storing food, preparing food, serving food, cleaning and sanitizing.

  • Classroom (8 hours)
  • Online
  • distance

RFOODSAFE Level 1 Refresher

The Refresher course is only available to individuals who have a valid FOODSAFE Level 1 certificate issued by a BC Health Authority. In order to take this course, you must register online at Open School BC before your certificate expiration date.

  • Online


FOODSAFE Level 2 is for foodservice owners, managers, kitchen managers, and executive chefs who have taken Level 1. Includes modules on Managing for Food Safety and Writing a Food Safety Plan.

  • Classroom (12 hours)
  • Online


MarketSafe is for farmers, food processors and producers who make, bake or grow products to sell at local farmers' markets, farm gates or other types of temporary food markets.

  • Classroom (6.5 hours)
  • Online


The ProcessSafe online course uses Open School BC's learning management system and hosting service. This course delivers content in an organized and methodical, step-by-step instructional process that promotes a learner-centered approach to safety awareness.

  • Online only

Food Microbiology

An online course to increase awareness and knowledge of food safety and safe food handling procedures as they relate to the principles of food microbiology.

  • Online only

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Do I need a FOODSAFE certificate to work with food?

The BC Public Health Act: Food Premises Regulation, Part 3, Division 2 - Training, FOODSAFE Training 10 states that:

  1. Every operator of a food service establishment must hold a certificate, issued by a health official, for the successful completion of the food handler training program known as FOODSAFE or its equivalent.
  2. Every operator of a food service establishment must ensure that, while the operator is absent from the food service establishment, at least one employee present in the establishment holds the certificate referred to in subsection (1).

This means that it is not required by the BC regulation that you have a FOODSAFE Level 1 certificate in order to work as a server. However, some employers require that all their employees have a Level 1 certificate. Also, it is an advantage to have your certificate when applying for jobs.

The FOODSAFE course is about preventing the transmission of foodborne illness and also about worker safety on the job. People who prepare, serve and clean up food should take the course for the safety of the customers and also for their own safety.